What Makes a Five Star Boutique Hotel in Cape Town the Best

Cape Town is a dynamic metropolitan city in South Africa with its fair share of visitors from around the globe. Hotels are therefore part and parcel of Cape Town and it is only fitting to know the best hotels in this town and what makes them stand out from the rest. Five star boutique hotels dot the entire landscape of Cape Town but what makes a five star hotel in Cape Town the best? There are different perspectives to this question but the most dominant features of a five star hotel in this part of the world must include the following:

Characteristics of the Best 5 Star Hotels

Location, location, location. Where in Cape Town can you locate a five star boutique hotel? Is the hotel located in a superb location that presents visitors with the opportunity to have access to all that is happening in the city? Make sure your hotel suite has high end decor like Persian carpets, veneer cabinetry and Venetian blinds which you could find at Blinds Cape Town. Is it peaceful and tranquil enough and does it offer the buzz that each and every visitor requires? Is dining in exotic Cape Town dishes or sunbathing in exciting beaches or strolling down popular and historically significant streets a part of the package? Do the guests have a central position in which they can make their own discoveries about this city?

To know the best boutique hotel in Cape Town you must first and foremost know the types of amenities that the hotel has to offer. Does it have swimming pools, boutiques, fitness centers or even salons? These amenities, among others, are useful in providing the necessary information about the quality and type of hotel which presents the most benefits in terms of customer satisfaction. 

Good five star boutique hotels in Cape Town must have such amenities to satisfy the varied desires and wishes of its guests. It should take special consideration of individuals and families in general. These amenities should be family friendly and should take care of children, teens and adult issues like dining features, children activities, baby siting services, toiletries, games, books, toys and television stations for every age group.

Is the hotel affordable? The pricing factor is important to visitors and guests alike. How does the hotel compare with others in the same category? An expensive hotel will not work to the interest of its visitors. Most visitors have budgets that they work with and if a hotel is deemed to be too expensive then it will be shelved for the alternative. In a town like Cape Town, where the standard of living is relatively high, it is good for a hotel to set its pricing in tandem with the prevailing market conditions in order to attract potential visitors. The pricing should be set in such a way that it matches the standard of its visitors.

What about the management and attitude of the establishment? The staff and management ought to be customer focused and able to deal with any client’s issues in a friendly an courteous manner. Customers will always come back or recommend others when their experiences in such an hotel are pleasant and evoke pleasant memories. A five star boutique hotel in Cape Town must meet international stands in hotel management and must be able to satisfy the needs of its customers in whichever ways.

Does the hotel have class and style? The hotel must be able to distinguish itself from the others by being able to brand itself in a special manner. What makes it different from the other hotels in the same market niche? What are its special features and style? This is a management practice that must come out strongly and distinguish the hotel from the others. It must have an identity that relates to it. Is it a hotel that is renown for its beeches, food, clientele or its exceptional services? It must curve out a niche for itself.

The Best 5 Star Boutique Hotels in Cape Town

A 5 star boutique hotel in Cape Town much like Atlanticview Cape Town Boutique Hotel should have the above explained features in order to be regarded as one of the best hotels in its category. It is all about variety and customer satisfaction that distinguishes the best boutique hotels from those that are just getting by. The clientèle of 5 star boutique hotels have needs which must be satisfied according to their standards and an hotel that ignores these aspects cannot compete with those that practice these very basic or fundamental principles of becoming the best 5 star hotel in a metropolitan city like Cape Town.

Below is one of the best value luxury 5 star boutique Cape Town hotels

Atlanticview Cape Town Boutique Hotel

Address: 31 Francolin Rd, Camps Bay, Cape Town, 8005, South Africa
Phone:+27 21 438 2254